Building and preserving wealth together.



By volunteering, Global Pacific employees reach out and help build, maintain and beautify the community in which they live and work. We recognize the importance of our employee’s community involvement and encourage and support their participation in organizations and service activities that contribute to the community. Service activities range from:

• Building homes;

• Tutoring students;

• Blood drive;

• Community health screening;

• Community clean-up projects;

• Big Brothers/Big Sisters activities;

• Collecting clothes, food or toys for donation;

• Feeding homeless people;

• United Way drives;

• Community recycling;

• Local museum;

• Red Cross;

• Assisting physically challenged or confined individuals; and

• Assisting elderly citizens.

Global Pacific’s commitment to helping employees achieve a healthy work/life balance by volunteering, also provides the employee an opportunity both to volunteer in their community and spend time with their families and friends in their chosen community program.

The company is dedicated to helping the communities in which its employees live and work.